“I am absolutely amazed at WaterStone’s incredible success in 2014!”

Mark Stockham

“WaterStone’s 2014 results were phenomenal.  These types of numbers don’t just happen.  They are a result of being intentional.”

Dean Miles

“2014 was a blessing to the 1,545 ministries that are together with WaterStone building the Kingdom of God. I am thankful to know the team at WaterStone is working so diligently “for the Lord” to make this happen.  As a fellow believer, I am proud of WaterStone’s efforts. These are exciting days!”

Damon Lane

“WaterStone’s thrilling growth in 2014 tells me God has some wonderful plans of expanding His Kingdom. May God continue to use WaterStone in advancing His work!”

Michele Wilson

“As a ministry receiving gifts through WaterStone, we pray that you will not only meet, but exceed your goals. It is a moment in history where God’s Word is spreading to every nation, language, and people. He has given wealth to His people to accomplish the work. Thanks to WaterStone for being the conduit to make it possible for people to give more than they thought possible!”

Morgan Jackson

“WaterStone’s results for 2014 are fabulous. Obviously God-breathed and God-designed and implemented by the WaterStone team reaching out effectively in the marketplace of faith.”

Dave Keesling, Co-Founder & Executive VP of PhilanthroCorp

“I am pleased and honored to add my endorsement of WaterStone.  Our relationship of over 15 years attests to WaterStone’s integrity, creativity, and commitment to excellence that is unsurpassed in the industry.”

Art Ally, Founder & President, Timothy Plan Funds

“The test of time is by far the best way to validate one’s experience with an organization. After nearly 20 years of working together for the mutual benefit of our clients, I can confidently say that the WaterStone experience has exceeded our expectations and met our clients’ goals.”

Paul S. Viren, CLU, ChFC, AEP®, Financial Planner

“We have helped our clients facilitate hundreds of accounts with WaterStone. They continue to exceed our expectations.”

Glenn A. Repple CLU CFP® EA, Founder & President, G.A. Repple & Company

“I have worked with WaterStone, along with my clients, for over 12 years. During that time WaterStone has facilitated the charitable giving of my clients in a professional manner. WaterStone efficiently manages our client scholarship programs while maintaining IRS compliance standards. WaterStone is a valuable part of my charitable giving estate planning team.”

John H. Prichard, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

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2014 Fiscal Year Results

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Kate Gallagher Memorial Scholarship

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