About Us

At WaterStone, we’ve been driven by an entrepreneurial giving spirit for over 30 years. As business leaders with a collective century of business, commercial banking, private equity and ministry experience, we’re constantly seeking innovative means to help those we serve think differently about their giving. We lead the field in meeting the needs of complex philanthropic and family giving challenges that individuals and financial advisors face.

“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” – John 7:38 NIV

Our Story

Since WaterStone was incorporated in 1980 as the Christian Community Foundation, our passion and expertise as business professionals have helped entrepreneurs, business executives, and intergenerational family business owners eliminate estate taxes, minimize capital gains, decrease annual income taxes and increase their ability to give to their favorite charities and ministries. Through strong leadership coupled with the hearts and actions of our donors, WaterStone has become a launching pad for Kingdom work nationally and internationally.

WaterStone is not about giving as usual. In fact, many people come to us exactly for that reason: we innovate. We’ve earned a reputation over the past 30 years of being able to transform any kind of asset into living water—a water that renews, heals, satisfies thirst and yields eternal life.

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Vision/Misson/Statement of Faith

Vision Statement

WaterStone exists to glorify Jesus Christ by inspiring and enabling personal commitment of time, talent and treasure to the expansion of the Kingdom of God.


The mission of WaterStone is to educate and encourage donors to achieve Christ-centered giving objectives by providing excellence in innovative, personalized charitable giving solutions and educational resources.

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Meet WaterStone

With WaterStone, you work with experienced Christian business leaders who align with your core values, biblical views, and financial goals so you can increase your giving and make a greater impact to the Kingdom during your lifetime.

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WaterStone Team

The WaterStone team works closely together to educate and encourage givers to achieve Christ-centered charitable giving objectives by providing excellence in innovative, personalized charitable giving solutions and educational resources.

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Board Room

Board of Directors

Each board member brings a different and unique set of skills and expertise to the WaterStone team, yet each remain unwavering in their values and beliefs and commitment to the statement of faith that is the foundation for WaterStones giving.

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Looking Through Reports

Financial Integrity

The Bible exhorts Christians to keep their fiscal behavior beyond reproach; at WaterStone, we understand that ministry cannot always be measured by the balances shown on financial statements. We believe, however, that financial integrity and good stewardship requires relevant financial information that supports ministry objectives and reflects our common purpose. WaterStone welcomes your questions and is pleased to provide you with our most current financial information.

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Throughout our history, we have truly seen the dreams and treasures of
our donors’ hearts being turned into living water. Assets have been transformed into Kingdom capacity, impacting lives around the globe.

We invite you to join the WaterStone fellowship and experience how God is working. – John C. Mulder – President

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