Coffee Chats

Ep1: Giving Engine

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Ep2: Church Campaign: Beyond Cash Gifts

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Ep3: Winter WaterStone Giving Academy

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Ep5: God's Givers Book Overview

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Ep6: God's Givers Benefits Pastors

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Ep7: God's Givers Benefits Churches

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Ep8: Christian Business Owners and Giving

Ep9: Intentional Giving Workshops

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Ep10: WaterStone Partners with Pregnancy Resources Centers

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Ep11: Fast Forward Your Estate Planning

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Ep12: Save the Storks

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Ep13: Cain and Abel

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Ep14: Noah

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Ep15: Two Collections, Two Hearts

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Ep16: Boaz and Ruth

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Ep17: David and the Temple Collection

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Ep18: Naboth

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Ep19: Widow's Oil and Community

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