Black Forest Fire Recovery Fund

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On Tuesday, June 11, the Black Forest fire in Colorado Springs erupted, leaving in its wake a trail of destruction and broken lives.  From our offices at WaterStone, I could see the pyrocumulus cloud suspended over the near edge of the forest, some two miles away. It was a haunting reminder of what happened just a year ago when the Waldo Canyon fire erupted right before our eyes.  This fire destroyed 500 homes, took lives and impacted families, businesses and churches throughout the community. Everyone in Colorado Springs knows the story of some family or business or church community deeply affected by the disaster. Outside of Colorado Springs, many may not know our story.

As a member of the community, WaterStone is leading the recovery efforts in the way we know best – through giving. We are providing the professional services of this giving ministry to the recovery initiative without any customary charges and fees.

In addition, WaterStone, along with Seven Arrows Charities, The Club at Flying Horse and Allegra, are sponsoring a golf tournament and luncheon on July 29 to benefit the Black Forest Recovery Fund. The mission of the Black Forest Recovery Fund is to raise funds to support agencies affected by and providing support to the Black Forest community as a result of the fire. We have identified two agencies thus far: The Black Forest Fire Protection District and Care and Share. It is our goal to raise in excess of $100,000, primarily through direct giving and the July 29 golf event.

Too often the good works that we as the Church do in the community go unnoticed by the general public as well as by many of our brothers and sisters in Christ. I view this tragic event as an opportunity for the Christian community not just to lend a hand but to raise its profile. We at WaterStone want to “Restore the Voice” and let the good news of Jesus Christ and the work done through his people be known. God is in control even in times of disaster, and the Black Forest Recovery Fund is one way we can honor God by helping people in need and by proudly holding up His banner.

I invite you to lend your support in prayer, and if it is in your heart, through participation in our Black Forest Recovery Fund initiative. Visit the Make a Gift Page to donate to the Black Forest Recovery Fund online.


Steve Leach

All tournament expenses are being covered by Seven Arrows Charities, The Club at Flying Horse, Allegra and WaterStone. One hundred percent of the funds raised will go to benefit the Black Forest Recovery Fund, a ministry charity project of WaterStone, a 501(c)3 organization.

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