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In today's episode, Will and Jennifer discuss:

  • The success of WaterStone's Charity Advised Fund client, Save the Storks
  • How the Save the Storks giver accomplished his goals by utilizing a WaterStone Giving Fund
  • The benefits of this relationship:

    Save the Storks wins! - The giver wins! - The Kingdom wins!


Join us at the WaterStone Giving Academy and discover the benefits of a variety of charitable giving tools that yield more resources to Kingdom-building initiatives.

  • WaterStone Giving Academy
  • August 16-18, 2017
  • Drury Inn & Suites | Colorado Springs, CO


Professional advisors, CPAs, estate planning attorneys, church and nonprofit leaders, board members, business owners, entrepreneurs and Kingdom-minded givers are invited to attend as WaterStone shares advanced giving strategies.


- Expand your technical knowledge of advanced giving strategies.

- Build relationships with Christian peers.

- Be refreshed and equipped to inspire others to give back to the Lord all He has entrusted.




Based in Dallas, EvanTell empowers Christians worldwide to share their faith through training, outreaches, tools, and resources that present the gospel in a clear, biblically accurate, and encouraging way.

In April, EvanTell celebrated its 44th birthday! Over the years, God has grown this ministry into an international organization with evangelism resources in 60+ languages and ministry partners in more than 15 countries. On average EvanTell reaches over five people every minute with the gospel! This is accomplished by equipping individuals, churches, academic institutions, pregnancy resource centers, mission organizations, and ministries to confidently and clearly share their faith through in-person and online training as well as print and digital resources.

Stories of Hope

God works through individuals and EvanTell’s resources to spread the gospel in various ways. Here are a few examples:

  • ...
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WaterStone was honored to be part of the 2017 Moody Pastors Conference, May 22-25, 2017.

Over 1,000 pastors gathered as church and ministry leaders offered up a heaping of encouragement through biblical preaching, corporate worship, peer connections, and a relaxing atmosphere on Moody Bible Institute's Chicago Campus.

WaterStones’ Chief Generosity Officer, Will Stevens, conducted a workshop for pastors entitled, “God's Givers: Inspire Giving in Your Church.”

In this session, Will shared an overview of the principles of biblical giving. The lesson began by walking through the story of Noah and his construction of the altar in Genesis 8. Will noted how Noah’s first act in the New Creation after disembarking from the ark was an act of worship and giving. Noah demonstrated his faith by putting first things first. He built the first altar recorded in the Bible, and turned his attention and the attention of his family toward the Lord. Together, they offered up gifts that expressed their gratitude and thanksgiving for their...


Based in Denver, UnbridledACTS exists to love people to life and empower them to flourish in their identity. To accomplish this, UnbridledACTS operates by the following principles:

  • Recognize the treasure in each of God's children and empower them to launch into their own new and unique life purpose and calling

  • Heal and restore by facilitating lives of healing and restoration spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially

  • Build communities that equip individuals through vehicles such as prayer and worship, therapeutic activities, physical sustainability, and creative expression

  • Develop like-minded partnerships that celebrate different purposes, causing multiplication, so the world may believe

The Impact

UnbridledACTS currently supports three communities with unique purposes:

ACTS House in Elizabeth

UnbridledACTS founders, Stan and Cindy Bullis, are passionate about seeing people discover their identity, purpose and...


Watch this episode of The WaterStone Channel on Business Succession Plans. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • An example of a father passing his business to his son through WaterStone
  • WaterStone Giving Fund
  • The economic and spiritual benefits of including giving strategies in business succession plans
  • Establishing a family legacy of giving.

The following introduction to WaterStone's Chief Generosity Officer, Will Stevens', article was taken out of Preaching Today's May 8, 2017 email newsletter.

I was just talking with our preaching team about another possible generosity sermon series. I was making my case for NOT doing a hard-hitting "money series." I'm giving-sermoned out. But then I read this article by Will Stevens—" Preaching on Giving from the Old Testament"—and I actually got excited about a few sermon series ideas.

Here's the gist of Will's article: "It should be the goal of every pastor to inspire their church today to live as and be known as a community of giving. Preaching the stories of giving from Old Testament narrative texts is one way to begin that mission."


The legendary story of the stork makes it the perfect symbol for pro-life nonprofit Save the Storks. Storks represent mothers and their babies, and Save the Storks is committed to caring for these mothers and babies by offering hope, compassion and truth, ultimately saving lives.

People are used to campaigns designed to save animals. When they hear Save the Storks’ name, they wonder, “Who in the world would kill a stork?” By using branding that disarms those who would criticize their cause, Save the Storks is able to communicate in a winsome way that they believe abortion threatens mothers and motherhood.

The Mission

Save the Storks, headquartered in Colorado Springs, exists to partner with pregnancy resource centers and give abortion-vulnerable women a choice that will change their lives forever. By partnering with resource centers all over the nation, Save the Storks is able to provide powerful tools and training so they can effectively connect with the women in their communities.


Save the Storks offers a...

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In this short episode of The WaterStone Channel, Will and Jennifer discuss WaterStone's core services including:

  • WaterStone Giving Funds, and
  • WaterStone Charity Advised Funds.

Watch this two-minute video and learn who these core services are for and the features and benefits specific to each fund.


International Bible Conference was founded in 2004 when Pastor Jeff Anderson traveled to India to conduct a pastors’ conference. Each of the pastors in attendance were first-generation Christians who had been delivered from Hindu culture. Hungry for the Word of God, these pastors had a zeal to further the gospel! Burdened for these native pastors, Pastor Jeff sought a way to come alongside these men to encourage them as they dealt with the rejection of their families and society. Jeff exclaims,

“I love pastors and I love the Word of God! I have committed my life to encourage and equip pastors to reach their own cultures and countries with the Gospel of Christ. The Gospel transforms cultures – and native pastors, armed with sound doctrine and expository preaching, will change their churches, villages, countries, and continents. International Bible Conference aims to change the world by exposing native pastors to Bible preaching and true doctrine!”

The Need

As the church migrates to the Southern Hemisphere, its greatest threat is false...