Employee Stock Earner

You stepped up to the plate and took the risk in an entrepreneurial venture and now you’ve reaped the rewards that come with equity ownership.


In the beginning, the hours were long and the salary was low. Yet the company made it up to you with stock options — though there was a chance they would never be worth a thing. Now, however, they’ve turned out to be worth much more than you imagined. In fact, you’ve been blessed with more than you need. You may be wondering what to do with your wealth that sits in a mix of cash and stock value. What message is God sending you, and what kind of Kingdom impact could you create with the blessings you’ve received in this world?

WaterStone is here to help. We can help you build a legacy of wealth and generosity. Learn how to leverage your resources for causes that matter to you personally by giving to organizations that are focused, determined, and that spend wisely.

Let us suggest solutions that will allow you to put your wealth to work — and that save you tax dollars or create income. We offer tax smart charitable giving strategies that make the most of your resources: for you, your family, and for the Kingdom.

Giving Fund

GIVING STRATEGICALLY - In your work, you chose to pursue the best ideas and the most innovative thinking. Why should you settle for less in your giving? The WaterStone Giving Fund gives you the greatest flexibility for shaping your giving to your passion:

  • Securing a current tax benefit at full fair market value is the smart way to maximize the impact of the wealth you’ve created. The Giving Fund allows you to place assets, such as ISO stock options or stock (whether publicly traded or closely held) in a vehicle that may offset your future tax exposure and maximizes your charitable deductions , yet you continue to advise on the investment and ultimate gifting of those resources.
  • Recommend multiple favorite charities and set up recurring grants.
  • Change your fund purpose and gift destinations at any point without the fees of other legal documents.
  • Give to charities that operate efficiently and affect maximum Kingdom impact in the areas about which you are most passionate.

Charitable Pooled Trust

INCOME AND GENEROSITY AT ONCE - To create wealth, you must assess risks in order to maximize rewards. The Charitable Pooled Trust operates in much the same way, allowing you to take care of your ongoing needs, but also designate monies to support ministries and projects close to your heart.

  • The CPT provides the highest level of deduction, often twice that of other trust instruments.
  • Participate in premium investments with a flexible solution custom-fit to your needs and your portfolio.
  • Gift cash or appreciated publicly-traded stock into the CPT

Charitable Trust Services

GENEROSITY AND SECURITY AT ONCE - A charitable trust is a powerful step towards building your legacy. Trusts are a great way to make an irrevocable gift to charity creating a current deduction and lifelong income for you and those you love.

  • If you want to give but desire income, a Charitable Remainder Trust will enable you to give generously while retaining income from the gift.
  • Depending on your needs, you can retain either trust income, or remainder interest through a Charitable Lead Trust, while providing the charity a future gift or current income depending on your desire.

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