Studies show that you pour yourself into causes that you care about just as passionately as you nurture and grow your business. We can help you give earlier, minimize your tax liability, and maximize your Kingdom impact.


The key to reducing your tax burden while increasing your giving is to start early. Capital gains are optional for those that give — but only if strategic planning is done with a partner who understands your goals and matches them to the innovative tools available for giving. Our goal is to liberate the value of your business before you sell or optimize the outcome when you sell by minimizing tax liabilities while maximizing deductions. Your current and future giving…your current and future legacy can be drastically enhanced with wise counsel, planning and decisive action.

WaterStone offers a variety of solutions that are targeted specifically to the needs of the entrepreneur.


GIVE STRATEGICALLY - In your business, you want the best ideas, the latest thinking, and the most effective ways to reach your goals. Why should you settle for less in your giving? The WaterStone Giving Fund allows you the greatest flexibility for shaping your giving to your passion:

  • Recommend multiple favorite charities, suggest an investment approach and an investment advisor (for qualified accounts). Work with your advisor to set goals and criteria to measure your return on Kingdom investment.
  • Change your fund purpose at any point without the fees of other legal documents. Reward charities that operate efficiently and affect maximum Kingdom impact in the areas about which you are most passionate.


INCOME AND GENEROSITY AT ONCE - To create wealth you assess risks in order to maximize rewards. The Charitable Pooled Trust operates in much the same way, allowing you to take care of your family’s ongoing needs but also designate a portion to support ministries and projects close to your heart.

  • Participate in premium investments with a flexible solution custom-fit to your needs and your portfolio.
  • Send variable, lifelong trust income payments to yourself or others while the remainder interest goes to charity.

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