Generous Advisor

You know your business belongs to the Lord; your life evidences a mature faith and a heart for generosity. Your business is your primary ministry platform. You are not afraid of helping your advisees wrestle with the question, “How much is enough?”


You come from multiple disciplines: estate planners, fee-based financial advisors, charitable giving and wealth consultants, independent and wire-house investment advisors, attorneys and accountants — all have representatives in the WaterStone family.

You like WaterStone’s Investment Policies which allow your financial expertise to influence the way WaterStone funds grow for future charitable giving. And, you like encouraging clients toward generosity, where they can take advantage of wise tax strategies with a Kingdom orientation. We would love to welcome you into WaterStone’s fellowship of Generous Advisors. Talk to us about opening an account and we will help expand your Kingdom impact.

Giving Fund

A WAY TO DIFFERENTIATE - In your business, you recommend the best financial instruments to meet client goals. Don’t settle for less when it comes to clients who are moved to give generously. Differentiate your financial services with giving instruments that create more wealth under management and provide the ultimate in flexibility for your clients. The WaterStone Giving Fund allows your clients to shape their giving to suit their passion, and creates a beneficial relationship between you, your client and WaterStone.

  • Your clients can retain you as a trusted advisor on the account, recommend multiple favorite charities, and work with you to suggest an investment approach. Help your clients become active stewards by helping them set goals and criteria to measure their return on Kingdom investment.
  • Your clients will be able to change their fund purpose as their giving interests change — without incurring fees of other legal documents such as wills. Help your clients give to charities that operate efficiently and affect maximum Kingdom impact in the areas about which they are most passionate.

Charitable Trusts

GENEROSITY AND SECURITY AT ONCE - A charitable trust is a powerful step for clients who have been blessed with much. Trusts are a great way to make an irrevocable gift to charity while creating lifelong income.

  • If your client requires a fixed income, a Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Lead Trust will enable them to give generously while retaining a split financial interest in the gift. Depending on their needs, they can retain either trust income or remainder interest while providing the alternate stake to charity.
  • If your client has an appetite for variable income, the Charitable Pooled Trust is a great solution. This trust provides lifelong payments resulting from premium investment options while the remainder interest goes to charity.

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