Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Donating securities with long-term capital gains may mean significant tax savings. WaterStone accepts a variety of investment assets for your Giving Fund, including mutual funds, stocks, and bonds.


Benefits of Gifting Appreciated Securities

1. Stop writing checks to your preferred charities with after-tax dollars.
Increase your giving capacity by utilizing appreciated assets instead of your cash assets.You can give more through appreciated securities.
2. Send checks to your investment portfolio and reset your cost basis.
You can either add to your portfolio holdings or repurchase the securities you donated to your WaterStone Giving Fund.
3. Seek trusted counsel from a professional about your giving.
WaterStone can help guide you through the giving solutions which best address your current situation and future goals in a comprehensive giving program.
4. Ask your financial advisors to harvest your capital gains.
In order to gift these appreciated securities, eliminate capital gains taxes and step up the cost basis of your investment holdings at the portfolio and security level.
5. Receive an immediate tax deduction.
Because of your contribution of appreciated securities; you choose when to make the distributions to charities.

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