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You have worked hard and smart, saving your well-earned income to care for your family while supporting charities and ministries that are close to your heart — locally, nationally, and globally.


You expect a team who is as agile, innovative, and strategic as you have been with your family, business and finances. At WaterStone, we build deep, long-term relationships. Our team is small, efficient, and centrally organized in Colorado Springs. We handle all consulting engagements and transactions end-to-end, ensuring you get the best support possible.

You worked hard to create your wealth, now it’s time to plan and execute effective, tax efficient, charitable giving strategies. WaterStone offers a variety of solutions targeted specifically to your needs.

Giving Fund – Create a Channel for Giving

You’ve accrued your material blessings through wise management and thoughtful moves. Now that you have much to work with, philanthropy is a critical tool in your financial stewardship arsenal. A WaterStone Giving Fund provides opportunities for you to create Kingdom impact with great flexibility:

  • Securing tax benefits are the smart way to maximize the impact of the wealth you’ve created. The Giving Fund allows you to place assets in a vehicle that removes your tax burden, but in which you retain control. You recommend whom, how much and when to give. You can even recommend your preferred financial advisor to manage your fund (for qualified accounts).
  • Prepare your children to follow in the footsteps of your wise management, and teach them to give generously. Encourage children to bring grant requests to you, or to a family meeting for consideration. You may even create a matching component to empower your children to truly make a difference.

Charitable Pooled Trust — Income and Generosity at Once

A Charitable Pooled Trust is an incredible tool for those who have been blessed with much. It allows you to provide lifetime income for your family while maximizing Kingdom impact and saving taxes. No income generating charitable opportunity comes close to the tax deduction offered by WaterStone’s new Charitable Pooled Trust.

  • This fund offers an immediate, historically high charitable tax deduction at a percentage approximating the age of the youngest income beneficiary (e.g., a couple aged 65 and 60 would receive a tax deduction of approximately 60%, or $6,000 for every $10,000 contributed).
  • Take advantage of premiere investment opportunities that let you get the joy of giving now while providing lifetime income payments to care for family needs.

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