Tax Sensitive Giver

Hard work and sheer determination have resulted in success and wealth creation — and now, you are faced with a tax bill that, quite frankly, you don’t want to swallow. Why give to the world’s largest public charity when you can direct your resources to organizations about which you are passionate?

Choose to give to organizations that are focused, determined, and spend wisely. Let WaterStone help you with tax smart giving strategies. Shift your hard earned resources to causes that matter to you personally, and make a difference.

Giving Fund

MOVE AT THE SPEED OF BUSINESS - As a tax-savvy investor, you want the most effective ways to reach your goals with the least tax burden possible. Intelligent giving is a critical tool in your arsenal, and provides opportunities for you to create Kingdom impact as well. The WaterStone Giving Fund gives you the greatest flexibility:

  • Get an immediate tax benefit when you need it with WaterStone’s speed-of-business approach. Don’t let inexperienced players or billable-hours-focused lawyers slow you down. The Giving Fund allows you to quickly place assets in a vehicle that takes them off your tax burden, but where you advise disbursement.
  • Get the benefit of giving now without having to make each and every giving decision. You recommend your preferred financial advisor to create a giving strategy when you are ready. Decide which charities you wish to support at a later time when you are able to focus on giving — rather than when you are in the midst of a business or life change.

Charitable Pooled Trust

A Charitable Pooled Trust is an incredible tool for those looking for an unprecedented charitable tax deduction. No income generating charitable opportunity comes close to the tax deduction offered by WaterStone’s Charitable Pooled Trust.

  • This fund offers an immediate, historically high charitable tax deduction at a percentage approximating the age of the youngest income beneficiary (e.g., a couple aged 65 and 60 would receive a tax deduction of approximately 60%, or $6,000 for every $10,000 contributed).
  • Take advantage of premiere investment opportunities that let you get the joy of giving now while providing lifetime income payments to care for family needs.

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