Women Givers

With the growing visibility of women’s giving networks coupled with increased wealth, it is no surprise that studies show that you are more strategic in your charitable giving and more confident that nonprofits can solve the world’s problems.


Let us help you select the right charitable giving solutions to increase your impact and save you money. WaterStone offers many innovative, simple, and flexible ways to give from non-cash assets — and each has its own benefits and tax advantages.

Giving Fund

SHARE YOUR WISDOM, TODAY - As a woman and perhaps as a mother, you may have a heartfelt desire to significantly influence your community and educate your children in financial stewardship during your lifetime. A WaterStone Giving Fund is an outstanding way to achieve your passion:

  • Advise the fund via your application on whom, how much and when to give. If you become passionate about a new need in your community or world, simply change your fund purpose. You may add or delete ministries or charities as you wish, saving the time and expense of changing wills, trusts or other legal documents.
  • Mentor your family in generosity. Encourage children to bring grant requests to you, or to a family meeting for consideration. You may even create a matching component to empower your children to truly make a difference by giving to their favorite charities as approved by you and by WaterStone guidelines.

Charitable Trusts

GENEROSITY AND SECURITY AT ONCE - A charitable trust is a powerful step for you as a woman who has been blessed with much. It is a way to make an irrevocable gift to charity while creating lifelong income for your own security.

  • If a fixed income is something you desire, a Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Lead Trust will enable you to give generously while retaining a split financial interest in the gift. Depending on your needs, you may retain either trust income or remainder interest for yourself while providing the alternate stake to charity.
  • If you are open to variable income, the Charitable Pooled Trust is a great solution. This trust provides lifelong payments resulting from premium investment options while the remainder interest goes to charity.