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Pricing Schedule

Giving Funds

Giving Fund Application
Giving Fund Grant Application
Giving Fund Grant Recommendation Form
InfoSheet – Real Property
Info Sheet – Environmental Review

Ministry Charity Project

MCP Application
MCP Grant Application
MCP Distribution Form
MCP Contracted Services Agreement
MCP Donor Return Form
MCP Volunteer or Participant Agreement
MCP Fund Raising Evaluation Report
MCP Fund Raising Approval Form
MCP Event and Travel Reimbursement Form
MCP Event and Travel Approval Form

Charity Advised Funds

CAF Application
CAF Grant Recommendation Form

Charitable Gift Annuities

CGA Application

Charitable Pooled Trust

CPT Application

Charitable Remainder Trust

CRT Application

Download the Donor Advised Fund Application

Donor Advised Fund

Apply to the Donor Advised Fun to support special ministries and non-profits, receive an immediate tax deduction, and make grants at a later date. You may revise your fund purpose by adding or deleting ministries or charities, saving you the time and expense of changing wills, trusts or other legal documents.

Download the Donor Advised Fund Application


Download the Charitable Gift Annuity Application

Charitable Gift Annuities

Apply for the Charitable Gift Annuity to make a gift of cash or securities and receive fixed payments for life. At your death, the remainder will be available for the mission of your recommended charities.

Charitable Gift Annuities are offered in most states, with the current exception of Arkansas, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Washington and Wisconsin.

Download the Charitable Gift Annuity Application