Termination of a Private Foundation


A Step by Step

Many families frustrated by the upkeep of their private foundation are choosing to unwind their foundation into a Giving Fund at a public foundation.  The following checklist can help you through the necessary steps, in the most logical order, to convert or dissolve your private family foundation to a WaterStone Giving Fund:

  • Review documents which created the foundation to determine dissolution provisions and to be sure you are in compliance with your decision.
  • Obtain Board of Director’s approval and document in the Minutes of the Board of Directors a Resolution of Termination and Plan of Distribution.
  • Satisfy commitments of any legally binding agreement (such as pledges) made by the foundation.
  • Pay any legal or accounting fees for dissolution prior to transfer distribution to your WaterStone Giving Fund.
  • Submit WaterStone Giving Fund application for approval of your Proposed Purpose.
  • Make last distribution to your WaterStone Giving Fund including required annual 5% payout for the year.
  • File Notice of Dissolution with the Secretary of State in the state of incorporation and take all necessary state required steps.
  • Submit a final IRS Form 990-PF to the IRS including a copy of the Resolution of Termination and Plan of Distribution.

Contact WaterStone at WaterStone@WaterStone.org for more information on converting your Private foundation to a Giving Fund.

Resolution of Dissolution – Sample

Step by Step Termination

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