Impact Funds

Impact Funds through WaterStone are designed to accomplish short and long-term family giving objectives. By affiliating with the purposes of WaterStone, an Impact Fund blends the flexibility of a public foundation with the unique charitable direction associated with private foundations. Impact Funds are an excellent alternative for stewards of family wealth, nonprofit organizations, and businesses who have significant assets.

There are two different funds to support your charitable goals:

  • Family Impact Fund
  • Charity Impact Fund

Whatever your charitable goals, WaterStone has a vehicle to get you there.

Impact Fund Characteristics

  • Operating efficiencies by utilizing this WaterStone solution, which includes individually designed technical service to accomplish family charitable objectives.
  • Maintain personal involvement in the use and investment of funds.
  • Exercise a substantial degree of direction and control over the policies, programs and activities of the Impact Fund.
  • Support the ministries, charities and purposes dear to your heart.
  • Affiliated, but separate Board of Directors.
  • Benefit from favorable tax treatment as a public charity without the public support requirements.
  • Exempt from private foundation excise tax and administrative requirements.
  • Public scrutiny accomplished through the WaterStone Board of Directors.

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