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Whom Does WaterStone Serve?


The families and individuals who work with WaterStone are generous folks who believe that giving is both an act of biblical obedience and the source of great blessing. WaterStone serves as a conduit between givers and Kingdom causes crafting personalized giving plans that honor God by blessing ministries and the people they serve.


Financial advisors have a sacred trust to steward client relationships and guide clients through the full range of wealth management issues families face. By partnering with WaterStone, advisors can incorporate giving strategies into their wealth management practices and help their best clients make a greater Kingdom impact.


WaterStone empowers ministries by coming alongside their donors and helping them unlock their giving potential through intentional giving strategies. We help ministries by releasing more resources to the work of the Kingdom through gifts of cash, securities and complex assets like real estate, business interests, oil & gas and agricultural commodities.

The Mission of WaterStone

  • Honoring God through the transformational power of giving.
  • Serving Givers at the intersection of faith and finance.
  • Building the Kingdom by transforming assets into living water.
Grants Given through WaterStone

Increase Your Giving Impact.

  • Todd Knutson, President, Kingdom Capital Fund
  • Dave Keesling, Co-Founder & Executive VP of PhilanthroCorp
  • Dale and Rita Brown
  • Art Ally, Founder & President, Timothy Plan Funds
  • Mark Stockham
  • Morgan Jackson
  • Joe and Gail Coors
  • John H. Prichard, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones