Proverbs 20:18 NIV

Why Partner with WaterStone?

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 15:22 that “plans fail for lack of counsel but with many advisors they succeed.” As financial advisors, you play a vital role in the lives of your clients, by helping them connect the various strands of their financial lives into a single thread that can guide them into a secure future.

The Lord has called you to be a steward of those client relationships. At WaterStone, we believe that giving services can make you a better steward.

5 reasons to get on board with giving services

  • Giving impacts several key areas of wealth management: tax, estate, business, investment and retirement planning.
  • Giving services is a valuable premium service offering that will benefit and bless your best clients.
  • Giving services can set your firm apart and attract new clients.
  • With giving services you can better advise those clients who are entrepreneurs, stewards of family wealth, owners of businesses, oil & gas, and agricultural commodities.
  • Through giving services you and your clients work together to honor God and help build the kingdom.

The 2016 US Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy reveals that 91% of wealthy donors give to charity and 94% indicated that they'd like to be more knowledgeable about charitable giving. The disturbing fact is that while 47% of wealthy donors are aware of innovative ways to use their assets in giving, only 23% are actually using such approaches to giving.

What’s the missing piece? You. Your clients are looking for and need your advice. Your value is clear. Of those clients who consult with an advisor on their giving, 66% are more likely to use an efficient giving vehicle like a donor advised fund or charitable trust.

WaterStone places advisors at the center of our ministry model. Givers who have WaterStone accounts can have you manage their charitable assets for them. Giving services can add tremendous value to your practice. By initiating a dialogue with your clients about giving services, you can help them give more, more effectively.

We invite you to join the WaterStone community of giving and hope you explore the resources on this website. All of us at WaterStone look forward to meeting you and serving you and your clients at the intersection of faith and finance.