2015 Fiscal Year Results

WaterStone honors God by serving givers at the intersection of faith and finance with trusted, independent counsel and technical expertise. As a ministry dedicated to helping the faithful build the Kingdom, WaterStone comes alongside stewards of family wealth and helps nurture their heart for giving, multiply their giving impact, minimize taxes, and heighten their joy of generosity. Every day we trust in the Lord’s provision. We know that He connects us to givers, advisors, and charities as complementary parts of the one body of Christ. We are blessed to continuously add new members to the WaterStone giving community.

We are pleased and humbled to present our financial results for Fiscal Year 2015 ending March 31, 2015:


WaterStone’s Fiscal Year 2015 contributions were $83.5 million, the highest annual total since WaterStone’s founding in 1980 as the Christian Community Foundation. Over the last three years, givers have entrusted WaterStone with an additional $208 million, a 36% compounded annual growth rate. According to the 2014 Blackbaud Annual Index of Charitable Giving, the average increase in contributions for faith-based non-profits over the same period was just 2.1%. WaterStone therefore grew at 17 times the industry average. This combined generosity and growth rate puts us right on track to realize our vision of catalyzing $1 Billion of new giving for the Kingdom by 2022.

In addition to our presence in Denver and the Front Range, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Midland and Southern California, we have been developing, convening and nurturing new communities of giving in Sioux Falls, Phoenix, Northwest Arkansas and Winston-Salem.

Each day we strive to walk in faith and accomplish those works which God has prepared beforehand for us. WaterStone’s success, reflected in our Fiscal Year 2015 results, springs from the Lord and we offer them to Him as a testament of our trust in His living presence. Thank you for joining us in the journey as together we honor God through the transformational power of giving with our eyes set on witnessing every Christian as a faith-filled intentional giver.

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