Agricultural Commodities and the WaterStone Giving Fund

Many owners of agricultural commodities have a genuine interest in using these assets rather than cash or investments for their giving. They understand the tax savings as well as how this will satisfy their personal and charitable objectives to support their family, church and charities in significant ways. One question remains: how do these Kingdom-minded givers support their many favorite charities, ministries and nonprofits with their harvest gift?

The WaterStone Giving Fund is the answer for the receipt and sale of agricultural commodities like crops and livestock. A WaterStone Giving Fund also offers a number of significant advantages to meeting charitable giving objectives.

1) Stream-lined: consolidate all giving in one fund

2) Simplify: 24/7 online access for distribution requests

3) Flexible: make distributions to favorite charities on your timetable with no required annual distributions, restrictions or deadlines

4) Legacy opportunity: create a training ground for generosity for your children and grandchildren

5) Privacy: increase confidentiality and guarantee anonymity if and when you choose

The WaterStone Team will assist you in taking advantage of this unique opportunity to simplify yet maximize your giving. Download our eBook to learn more about gifts of agricultural commodities. Then contact WaterStone and discover the best giving strategies for your giving goals.

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