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A matching grant can be a great strategy for making a greater impact with your charitable dollars this Giving Season.

When you establish a matching grant, each gift the nonprofit organization receives from its givers will be matched by your generous gift. Usually the funds are matched dollar for dollar. However, you can multiply the impact of your gift by setting your match at two, three or more times the amount other givers commit.

You can designate a gift to your favorite organization that will match the amount raised by the organization from other givers over a specific period of time. For example, you can pledge to match all gifts received between December 1 and December 31 up to $500,000. You’ve challenged other supporters to step up, make a year-end gift and see that gift doubled through your matching gift. The opportunity for the organization is to be blessed to receive a $1,000,000 gift.

A matching gift challenge can inspire giving to your preferred nonprofit organizations because this type of appeal has several key features and advantages:

  • A matching gift challenge presents other givers with a specific offer.

    Unlike general appeals for funds, this matching gift challenge presents an attractive incentive to the entire giving community: your gift will be doubled, and you can enjoy the knowledge that your giving power has been multiplied.

  • A matching gift challenge is attached to a specific deadline.

    By placing a time-frame around the matching gift, the giver creates an urgency and moves fellow givers to take action immediately.

  • Presenting a matching gift challenge with a specific targeted dollar amount gives donors a specific, measurable, realistic goal that they can focus on and creates a sense of excitement and anticipation of hitting that goal level.
  • The matching gift challenge can direct the contributions from the campaign to a specific program or urgent need of the organization.

    Givers then know exactly how this gift will be used, when it will go to work, and whom it will help.

  • A matching gift challenge invites givers to be part of a big organization-wide event.

    The special feeling of being a part of an organization-wide event heightens the connection of giving to the missional DNA of the organization.

Matching gifts are a great way to inspire giving across the donor community and generate a fresh rush of resources to great nonprofits!

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