First They Came for Our Money

In a recent article dated September 1, 2017, The Christian Post reported that a credit card processing company, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo, had taken the unilateral action of suspending all credit card processing services for a Christian nonprofit organization in Louisiana. The credit card company justified its actions on the grounds that the Southern Poverty Law Center had labeled this Louisiana-based Christian ministry a “hate group.” The credit card company stated that its policy is not to be a business partner to any organization “affiliated with a product/service that promotes hate, violence, harassment and/or abuse."

While this might seem like an isolated incident, a dangerous precedent is being set and every Christian should take heed. The lesson here is that money is a target in the assault against Christians by the militant secular forces in our society. As their anti-Christian movement gains in boldness, they will continue to initiate and expand strategies to label Christians and Christian organizations as “bigoted” and “hateful.” One part of the overall strategy revealed in this latest episode is the effort to stop the flow of money to Christian organizations by labeling them "hate groups." According to the Christian Post, this anti-Christian activism is now infecting major corporate players. Apple and J.P. Morgan Chase are reported to be aggressively funding the Southern Poverty Law Center in its efforts to develop its black list of Christian “hate groups."

One area where billions of Christian dollars are at risk is the area of charitable giving. Large secular corporations that facilitate charitable giving such as Fidelity and Schwab may soon fall in line with the increasingly activists, secular, anti-Christian agenda. In an instant these charitable financial giants could unilaterally decide they will no longer facilitate grants to any Christian organization that is labeled a "hate group."

The upshot would be dramatic and tragic: millions of Christians could be cut off from providing financial support to Christian organizations, ministries and churches in this country and around the world. Christian charitable foundations such as WaterStone are likely also to be labeled as “hate groups.” Therefore, Christian clients of Fidelity and Schwab and other secular public foundations would be prevented from transferring their charitable funds to WaterStone and similar Christian foundations that do support Christian nonprofits, ministries, and churches.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. The action plan of every Christian giver should be to choose to work, wherever possible, with a Christian charitable foundation, one with a statement of faith that aligns with a biblical worldview. Givers should only place their trust and their money with Christian nonprofit foundations that are committed, in writing, to support the work of churches, ministries, and nonprofit institutions that do the work of the Lord every day by serving his people.

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