God Will Provide: Trusting God through Giving

Giving express faith that God can and does provide for his people superabundantly. The faithful trust that God can supply all our needs even when they are engaged in the sacrificial act of giving away their resources.

When Noah and his family of eight emerge from the ark, they have the meat they had carried with them to survive. How odd that the first thing Noah does is to build an altar and offer thanksgiving by sacrificing those very same clean animals on it! Noah knew that by giving those clean animals to the Lord, he was expressing his faith in Yahweh and his trust that Yahweh could and would provide for them despite the seeming shortage of supplies. Noah’s altar stands as testimony to giving as an act of thanksgiving reflecting a trust that the Lord will provide for his people.


  • When we consider our giving, do we put our own needs and plans first?
  • Do we trust our futures by the world’s methods – our income and earning power, our 401K Plans, our career ambitions?
  • Do we put our trust in the One who provides everything we have, now and in the future?
  • Do we live out that faith and trust by giving first to the Lord by providing for the ministries, charities and educational institutions that do the Lords’ work among his people?

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