God’s Faithful Provision

In light of the current distress in the Ukraine, stories are emerging of God’s faithfulness to bless and provide for His people.

David, founder of Steiger, a worldwide mission organization, was moved to invest in young people from the Ukraine and other parts of the Russian-speaking world. He recognized that these “revolutionary times” are good for the gospel and he understood the importance of sending young, equipped and passionate missionaries, evangelists and disciplers into Russian speaking areas.

With this mission in mind, Steiger recruited 20 students from the Ukraine, Belarus and Russia to attend the Steiger Missions School (SMS). Among these 20 students are members of a popular band from Belarus called Nuteki. Nuteki enrolled into the SMS to participate in the “Platform” program, a program designed to equip Christian artists and musicians to use their God-given ability to proclaim the gospel outside of the church.

One obstacle stood in the way. The SMS typically provides 90% of Russian-world students’ scholarships. The increase in the number of students led to an immediate need for an additional $22,000 to the scholarship budget. Despite this hurdle, David felt strongly that Steiger was making the right decision to sponsor Nuteki, and committed to prayerfully step out in faith, trusting that God would provide the funds.

He committed to prayerfully step out in faith, trusting that God would provide the funds.

Not long after, Steiger received a call from an Alaskan missionary couple serving in eastern Russia. They knew of the band Nuteki and desired to underwrite their cost of attending SMS. The couple made a pledge for a $20,000 donation to cover the bulk of the scholarship monies needed!

This outpouring of faith in action serves as an encouraging reminder that amidst the chaos we see around us, God is orchestrating the thoughts and actions of His children. In this case, a financial need created by a decision to step out in faith was met by a missionary couple ready to give sacrificially to a cause they believe in.

Praise the Lord that He is the God who provides, Jehovah Jireh.

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