How to Multiply Your Legacy: Interview with CEO, Steve Leach

Steve Leach, WaterStone’s CEO and a member of C12 Group, was recently interviewed for the Colorado Springs Business Journal. The catalyst for the interview was WaterStone’s superlative results for fiscal year 2014, which ended March 31, 2014.

Since Steve took the reins of WaterStone in 2012, the Christian foundation, whose mission is to serve givers, their advisors, and charities through innovative giving solutions, has enjoyed spectacular success. Steve credits C12 for providing a valuable forum through which he could develop leadership ideas, share best practices, and glean trusted advice from a Christian group committed to serving the Lord by supporting one another.

WaterStone’s recent results are just another step on a journey which is fueled by a combination of business principles, faith, and bold leadership. Steve’s vision is to equip, educate and inspire givers to make a one billion dollar impact on the Kingdom through WaterStone’s trusted advice and innovative giving strategies by 2022.

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