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WaterStone is blessed to announce the rollout of the Association of Christian CPAs, Tax and Accounting Professionals (ACAP). ACAP was introduced to the world on WaterStone’s platform with an introductory webinar this past October. A number of Christian accounting professionals around the country saw the opportunity to create an organization in order to encourage, support and share best practices with each other from a biblical worldview, particularly involving the topic of charitable giving as a tax-reducing and kingdom-building instrument.

“We’re just not hearing enough about charitable solutions as a part of our professional services,” one of the founding members said. “People, even tax professionals, don’t know about the kinds of tax-smart solutions available to them, and we hope to use ACAP to bridge this information gap.”

These men and women are inviting Christian tax and accounting professionals to join them in spurring one another on into running their practices on the principles of biblical stewardship. “As individuals we must be stewards of all we have… being managers instead of owners. It is, after all, His wealth, and not ours…this fact affects how we are to treat our clients, our staff and our own resources.”

For more information on becoming a member of ACAP, please contact Will Stevens at

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