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Davar Partners International (DPI) began in 2009 with the goal of making audio versions of the Bible available to the majority of the world’s population who do not read. Multiple offices were soon opened with the goal of recording high quality audio Bible content and seeing it distributed mainly into the Africa and Asia Pacific regions, which contain by far the largest number of people globally who still do not have access to the Bible in written or audio format.

Today, DPI has offices in Israel, South Africa and the United States with the goal of giving over 5 billion people (80% of the world’s population) access to an audio Bible in a language they can understand through its Audibible® program.

To unpack the 80 percent figure further, 45 percent of the world’s population cannot access the written Bible at all as they are unable to read. The remaining 35 percent either have limited written comprehension of the language the Bible is written in, or they are impaired from reading the Bible through a physical disability and therefore cannot read.

DPI’s Audibible Program:

  • Records high quality audio versions of the Bible
  • Builds strategic partnerships to make the audio Bible available to people of every tongue
  • Distributes audio recordings of the Bible as widely as possible through multiple digital and physical platforms
  • Facilitates a global prayer initiative in support of making audio Bibles available to people of every tongue
  • Equips trainers in audio Bible engagement to facilitate personal transformation

Why Audio Bible?

This concept is a paradigm shift for highly literate people: the majority of the people of the world cannot access the Bible. While the 66-book version of the Bible became available in Latin from around 1455 AD through the invention of the Gutenberg printing press, over half a millennium later, most people in the world still cannot access the written Bible as they do not read.

The Language Barrier

Along with the above mentioned barrier of being able to access the Bible in written format, there is the barrier of language. The majority of the world’s population can functionally communicate with around 25 business languages, but when it comes to tackling deeper meaning and personal understanding, it is far better to communicate in a primary language in order to understand the deeper spiritual principles of the Bible.

Of the 7,102 living languages spoken in the world today, around 4,500 languages have translation needs, 1,778 languages do not have a single verse of the Bible.

A total of 554 languages have a translation of the complete Bible. However, of these 554 languages, only 76 have audio versions of the complete Bible. This leaves around 3.4 billion globally with no ability to access the Bible because they either cannot read or because there is no audio version of the Bible in existence for that language.

As Christians come to understand this reality, it brings into sharp focus the challenge for people from around the world coming to share in their faith when they simply cannot access and engage the Bible. DPI forms strategic partnerships with individuals, churches and organizations around the world to support the process of making its Audibible® program available to people of every tongue.

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