Kingdom Program: The O’Connor House

The fastest growing homeless population in our country is single women and their children. The O’Connor House began as a simple vision to help these young women in crisis pregnancies.


Colleen Dulac of Carmel, Indiana, and her friend, Kris Bussick, both were called by God to open a home for single mothers. After asking God to help them, He began opening doors for their mission. They researched the needs of the Hamilton County area and found there was not a home to help single pregnant women in the county and the surrounding area. They talked to hospitals and crisis pregnancy centers and found there was a desperate need to house women in crisis pregnancy and especially women who are over 18 who already have other children.

In the summer of 2005 the doors of The O’Connor House opened and the mission began. Colleen and Kris decided to name the home after John Cardinal O’Connor, a defender of life in New York City. This home accommodated up to five women at a time. In 2011, The O’Connor House moved into a larger home which has room for eight mothers. Today over 225 women and babies and over 50 toddler siblings have been served!

Today’s Ministry

The O’Connor House serves pregnant unwed women over the age of 18 who are in a crisis pregnancy and need assistance in order to create a better life for themselves and their children. One of their goals is to keep families together.

The O’Connor House Provides these women with:

  • Shelter: A home for up to 18 months, food, clothing, and transportation
  • Love: Compassionate staff and volunteers offer hope and encouragement
  • Health: For Mind: Professional counseling (group and individual sessions) | For Body: Prenatal care and education, nutrition classes, healthy cooking classes | For Spirit: Caring staff, dedicated volunteers, and prayer support
  • Education: Encouragement for formal education | Career counseling and planning | Life skills classes: budgeting, parenting, time management
  • Peace: An environment that promotes respect and dignity, and helps women gain the knowledge and skills to improve life for themselves, their children… and future generations.

Living at the O’Connor House gave me hope and a new, healthy lifestyle for myself and my son. It truly helped me break out of the cycle of poverty that for generations my family had been in. Today I have my degree, I’m employed, and I enjoy being a good mother to my son. The O’Connor House taught me many valuable skills which I use every day. I am so thankful for the positive changes that have occurred in my life as a result of the help I received from the staff at The O’Connor House.” - Jessica Johnson

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