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Denver Street School offers struggling students a second chance to earn a high school diploma through a fully accredited program in a small classroom setting. Why? Denver Street School believes that a quality education is the most effective means to transform many underprivileged members of our society into productive citizens.


The school was founded by Tom Tillapaugh in 1985 in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Tillapaugh, a public educator, started the school after noticing that those living and rehabilitating in street schools still had a “street mentality” which would eventually draw them back to their old lifestyles.

A high percentage of students are former or current gang members and teen parents, who struggle with substance abuse, lack motivation and lack quality role models in the home.

To transform teens’ damaging street mentalities, Denver Street School helps students identify and overcome negative habits and patterns in their life. Denver Street School offers specialized student services and activities, career counseling, athletic programs, mentoring and faculty advocacy.

After graduation, students receive practical help enrolling in college, enlisting in the military or joining the workforce.

Faith and Denver Street School

Denver Street School is fully accredited with a strong faith-based Christian component. However, students are never discriminated against based on their religion. It is Denver Street School’s hope that every student will know and understand the transforming power of Jesus Christ, and that each will experience His love while attending school.

Your Turn

If you’d like to help Denver Street School further its mission to ensure that more teens receive a second chance at education, visit Visit Denver Street School’s YouTube channel to watch the impact they’ve made in students’ lives.

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