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The legendary story of the stork makes it the perfect symbol for pro-life nonprofit Save the Storks. Storks represent mothers and their babies, and Save the Storks is committed to caring for these mothers and babies by offering hope, compassion and truth, ultimately saving lives.

People are used to campaigns designed to save animals. When they hear Save the Storks’ name, they wonder, “Who in the world would kill a stork?” By using branding that disarms those who would criticize their cause, Save the Storks is able to communicate in a winsome way that they believe abortion threatens mothers and motherhood.

The Mission

Save the Storks, headquartered in Colorado Springs, exists to partner with pregnancy resource centers and give abortion-vulnerable women a choice that will change their lives forever. By partnering with resource centers all over the nation, Save the Storks is able to provide powerful tools and training so they can effectively connect with the women in their communities.


Save the Storks offers a variety of services to accomplish their mission including:

  • Stork Buses

    State-of-the art mobile medical counseling units that are used by local pregnancy resource centers to reach abortion-vulnerable women in their communities. Stork buses give resource centers the ability to educate, love and support the women they encounter.

  • Assure Me

    Assure Me Dispensers offer pregnancy tests and date-rape detection strips to women in venues previously out of reach for pregnancy resource centers. These venues include bars, nightclubs, restaurants, fitness centers, convenience stores and universities.

  • StorkWorks Consulting

    StorkWorks Consulting provides organizational expertise to pregnancy resource centers to help them better articulate their vision, strengthen their infrastructure, mature their processes, develop human resources and step up their fundraising efforts.

  • Stork Coffee

    A great product for churches to help start pro-life conversations, Stork Coffee partners with a church’s existing coffee station, coffee bar or coffee shop by providing gourmet blends. Stork Coffee also offers cups, sleeves and bags that are branded with Save the Storks’ design.

The Impact

With the support of generous donors, Save the Storks has funded 40 bus projects (20 on the road and 20 in production), gained over 165,000 supporters, and saved over 1,000 babies from abortion.

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