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Based in Denver, UnbridledACTS exists to love people to life and empower them to flourish in their identity. To accomplish this, UnbridledACTS operates by the following principles:

  • Recognize the treasure in each of God's children and empower them to launch into their own new and unique life purpose and calling

  • Heal and restore by facilitating lives of healing and restoration spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially

  • Build communities that equip individuals through vehicles such as prayer and worship, therapeutic activities, physical sustainability, and creative expression

  • Develop like-minded partnerships that celebrate different purposes, causing multiplication, so the world may believe

The Impact

UnbridledACTS currently supports three communities with unique purposes:

ACTS House in Elizabeth

UnbridledACTS founders, Stan and Cindy Bullis, are passionate about seeing people discover their identity, purpose and calling. As hosts of the ACTS home in Elizabeth, they daily empower others in the process of becoming unbridled. Elizabeth is a place of belonging, believing and becoming one’s truest self.

Yobel International

Emphasizing justice, awareness and empowerment, Yobel International seeks to empower communities both in the Pikes Peak region and abroad to eliminate extreme poverty, unjust labor and human trafficking by creating sustainable business opportunity. Yobel facilitates business training, mentorship and development globally, empowering others to create change in their own lives, releasing them from unjust labor and poverty while engaging and educating the local community in justice issues. UnbridledACTS Africa utilizes the Yobel Business training, and regularly shares their powerful message.


Mizizi is Swahili for “rooted.” Being rooted symbolizes God’s heart for an area that suffered decades of civil war. As people return to their homes in Uganda, they need to know that God will nurture, provide and protect them. Mizizi gets to be part of that greater plan by providing discipleship training, business skills and modeling a sustainable lifestyle. Being rooted means that UnbridledACTS is committed to a long-term relationship with the region. It means putting relationships before programs, and finding the balance between being and doing.

The Investment

UnbridledACTS invites you to discover what can happen when wounded, wandering and disenfranchised hearts find authentic, caring communities where they experience what it’s like to belong, to be believed in, and to become immeasurably more than they thought possible.

To learn more, visit www.unbridledacts.org.

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