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How does one lead like Jesus? As a Kenya Hope board member, I recently helped teach 25 Kenyan men and women this very thing. Kenya Hope is an organization that helps meet the spiritual, physical and mental needs of children and their families through Hope Centers built in Kenyan villages. We requested leaders from each of the five Hope Centers to attend a two and a half day conference to discuss how to lead like Jesus with your heart, your head and your hands. We also covered John Maxwell’s 21 Laws of Leadership.

Servant Leadership Strengthens Relationships

This conference was the first time that all of the centers had gathered in one place and the synergy of the group was exciting to see. At the end of the conference, we held a foot-washing ceremony to exemplify Jesus’ heart to attend to the needs of others. This proved impactful for the group to witness, countering their cultural mentality that if you are educated then you have earned the right to be served. In fact, after everyone’s feet had been washed, one man stepped up and said he would wash mine! What an honor to see the conference theme come to life!

Attendees stated that they came to the conference as individual Hope Centers and left as a family.

Servant Leadership Inspires Change

The group was hungry for Biblical teaching as they looked to Jesus as their example of a servant leader. These are some of the comments from those who attended the seminar.

“I never thought I was a leader, just an employee. I have learned that leadership is about influence, which is the foundation of a long journey. We were fulfilling a mission even before we knew about it.” – Mbondo, Kibera

“This teaching has really changed my life. Last night I didn’t sleep because I was thinking about the teaching. I need to ask God for wisdom, it is only from God that you get good style to lead.” – J. Ikayo, Ilkerine

“I will preach what I have heard. I will gather the community and be a good listener so that I can be a good influence and show the way. I need to be a flexible leader. I will rely more on the Word of God to help us.” – Oloolototo

Servant Leadership Demands Dependence on God

I am grateful for the leaders God has given Kenya Hope and their receptive and teachable hearts. Pray for them as they begin applying these Biblical principles to their lives and to the way they lead.

I invite you to learn more at Kenya Hope’s website. If you are interested in helping the people of Kenya, pleasecontact your WaterStone representative.

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