Ministry Highlight: Asian Hope

Asian Hope began in 1999 as a small orphanage serving 30 children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In order to provide these children the same opportunities that you and I would give our own kids, Asian Hope opened private schools and became a leading education provider in the country.

Ten years later the Cambodian school system was still in shambles, but the orphan crisis had shifted. UNICEF reported that 80% of the children in orphanages were in fact not orphans or abandoned. Their parents had made the devastating decision to put them in orphanages in the hope of getting an education and a new future.

Asian Hope protects, educates and empowers Cambodia’s most vulnerable children in their own communities and in their own families. Community based Catch-up Schools are the best way to deliver the Gospel and vital tools for a hopeful future while having open access to families, local churches, community leaders, and public schools.

Asian Hope is changing the lives of vulnerable, overlooked children by overcoming the system of exploitation that traps them in poverty and hopelessness.

As you will see in the following video, Asian Hope is working hard to provide each child a high quality Christian education, and to help each child transition into adulthood.

Education is Prevention:


Education is Prevention:

For more information, or to support Asian Hope in providing each of their children the tools they need to succeed in their culture as adults, please visit Asian Hope's website.

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