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Ministry Highlight: Bibles For The World

The mission of Bibles For The World is to be a catalyst for individual and cultural change through Christ and the power of His Word.

Humble Beginnings: From Headhunters to Hearthunters

In 1910, when the Gospel first came to the Hmar tribe of India, one of the first converts was a young man by the name of Chawnga. As more and more of the tribal people became Christians, he saw the need for the Scriptures in their native language. Chawnga prayed that someday he would have a son who would learn to read and write so that he could translate the Bible into the Hmar language.

Chawnga went on to have a son named Rochunga. At age ten, knowing that God wanted him to go to school, Ro became the first boy from his village to make the trek through 96 miles of dangerous jungle to start school. He later continued his schooling in England and then completed his graduate work at Wheaton College in Chicago.

During his time in school, Ro worked hard on translating the Bible into his native language. Once complete, the precious manuscript was printed and sent to Northeast India where there was much joy as Chawnga dedicated the book that had changed their people “from Headhunters to Hearthunters.”

Even though the Hmar people now had the Bible in their own language, many of them could not read. In response, Ro and his wife, Mawii, started many village schools and even a seminary for their people. Today the original school, located in Churachandpur, has over 1,800 students. Perhaps most amazingly of all, the Hmar people now have one of the highest literacy rates of any people group in all of India!

As the years progressed, God led Ro and Mawii to plant churches throughout Northeast India. Over three hundred churches are now a part of the Evangelical Free Church of India, the denomination that they founded.

Cultural Change Through Christ

Bibles For The World continues to share the Good News of God’s love in Christ Jesus by ministering to unreached peoples, the Church and to Christian leaders in developing nations by:

  • Strategically distributing Bibles, New Testaments, and other Scripture portions,
  • Raising up godly, well-educated children through affiliated schools in Northeast India and Delhi,
  • Networking, equipping and encouraging Indian churches and national Christian leaders for greater effectiveness.

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