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Ministry Highlight: Fathers in the Field

Fathers in the Field, located in Loveland, Colorado, is a ministry devoted to establishing and rekindling the spirit of boys who have been abandoned by their fathers. The Heavenly Father’s love and sacrifice for His children is shared through one-on-one mentorships that teach life skills using outdoor activities.

Single Parenting

Courtney Stewart’s life has been anything but easy. Yet nothing prepared her for the difficulty of being a single mother. For married parents, they share the burden of making tough decisions for their family. For single mothers, they bear the weight of those tough calls alone and recognize the need of a fatherly figure in a young boy’s life.

Prior to entering Fathers in the Field, Courtney’s son, Christopher, had never had an example of what it meant to be a man. This lack of interaction with men created trust issues for both Christopher and Courtney. While he struggled to trust men in honoring their promises, she struggled with letting him go places with other people, especially strangers.

Through a co-worker, Courtney was introduced to Fathers in the Field. Hesitant at first, her anxiety was eased through the initial interview and Chris was excited about the possibility of having a man in his life to lead, teach, and spend time with him.

Standing in the Gap

When Chris was assigned a mentor, Courtney was more than thrilled. She commented, “I am super grateful for Mike. I see the care he shows Christopher. Mike uniquely understands the adventurous nature of boys. On top of that, he models what it means to be consistent and to honor your word. There are a lot of things a mother cannot do, that only a male mentor can do.” Mike heard the call of our Heavenly Father to champion the cause of the fatherless and has stepped into the gap for Christopher.

Committing to visit Christopher four times a month, Mike shows Christopher how valuable he is, to the people around him and to God, while providing structure and a sense of belonging for Christopher.

Courtney’s message to those thinking about being a mentor is this, “Being a Mentor Father is the most selfless thing you can do. It's an opportunity to show a fatherless boy that he is loved and that he is worth giving time to. Time is so important to a child and the willingness to give that is priceless. It’s worth more than anything they can buy.”

Visit Fathers in the Field for more information about this life-changing ministry and how you can get involved.

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