Ministry Highlight: GROWthtrac Ministries

Growthtrac Ministries is a Christian nonprofit media ministry that strengthens marriages by providing life-changing, Christ-centered resources through innovative online media. Growthtrac Ministries was birthed in 2000 when Jim and Sheri Mueller discovered that the engaged couples they mentored at Willow Creek Community Church needed resources to teach them how to build healthy marriages.

The institution of marriage has a profound ability to impact the very fabric of our society. When marriages fail, crime and poverty levels rise. Research indicates that when maritally-stressed couples seek assistance, they often turn to the Internet first. This is where Growthtrac Ministries excels.

Last year alone, Growthtrac impacted more than 600,000 couples through its strategic use of online media. Although Growthtrac’s outreach through web and radio has grown 20 percent annually since 2011, in 2015 they grew by 150 percent. Eighty percent of Growthtrac’s audience indicated that their resources are making a positive impact in their marriage, inspiring Growthtrac to set the goal of reaching one million marriages annually by 2017.

What makes Growthtrac Ministries different is that it provides a safety net to couples seeking anonymous, no-cost, high-quality marriage help. While most Christian online resources cover safe marriage topics from limited sources, Growthtrac's online content from today’s top relationship experts is culturally savvy and relevant, covering tough topics like pornography, infidelity and addictions.

Growthtrac Radio streams 24/7 with a vibrant, uplifting mix of contemporary Christian music as well as interviews with experts and artists. Combined, Growthtrac not only offers a plethora of practical, biblically-based tools and advice, but also prayer support and a like-minded community of couples on the journey toward a healthier, Christ-centered marriage.

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Growthtrac Ministries is a featured WaterStone Kingdom Program. Make a gift through your WaterStone Giving Fund to equip Growthtrac Ministries to serve one million marriages over the next year and a half. Additionally, peruse their available resources to make a positive impact in your own marriage.

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