Ministry Highlight: Hands of the Carpenter

Hands of the Carpenter (Hands) is a faith-based nonprofit community in Colorado that uniquely serves single mothers and widows in need by addressing the often overlooked issue of transportation. Hands provides automobile repair and maintenance in an effort to relieve the enormous financial burden and related distress that automobile repair puts on this population and their opportunity for economic self-sufficiency.

Watch Hands of the Carpenter’s two minute video:

From time to time, WaterStone is asked if we accept donated cars. For those living in Colorado who wish to donate a car, we suggest this ministry. They accept any car in any condition and either refurbish it or sell it for scrap. Find out more here.

In addition to giving away five vehicles to single moms last Mother’s Day, Hands has a for-profit car shop, Hands Automotive, owned by the non-profit, Hands of the Carpenter. The profits from their regular customers allow them to offer car care to single moms for a 65% discount. The women still have an investment, but not so much that they can’t make ends meet. Along with other partner car shops that Hands has enlisted, Hands of the Carpenter provided discounted services to 360 single moms last year. These mothers are all making efforts to change their economic situation.

WaterStone salutes the unique ministry of Hands of the Carpenter.

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