Ministry Highlight: Save the Storks

Save the Storks is a ministry dedicated to the cause of life by caring for pregnant women. Their mission is to empower every abortion-minded mother to choose life and to share with her the good news of Jesus.

When Heather and I were married we were unable to have kids of our own, but we knew God had brought us together to be a family. As we prayed and meditated on what God would have for us, I went to preach a revival in New Mexico. I quickly grew to love the pastor, his wife and the church family as I shared our search for God’s direction in our lives. The church took up our cause and made our family a focus of their prayer life. Three months later Heather was pregnant. As quickly as we learned of the pregnancy, we lost that baby. As we sat in our home church that Sunday, the pastor called attention to our loss and while we wept along with many in the congregation, he told the church that God was going to give us a family. Many women who had lost babies came over and gave Heather hugs, love and counsel. It was a heart-warming moment for us.

Now we had two churches praying for us. As Heather and I sought the Lord we vowed that if God would give us a child, we would dedicate that child to the Lord. Like Samuel’s barren mother Hannah, Heather begged with a heart both broken and trusting in the Lord’s provision. Within two months Heather was again pregnant. This time, despite fits and starts, the child thrived and grew. To honor God and to memorialize our vow, we gave the child the name of Samuel, just as Hannah had named her God-given son.

What this miracle taught us is that life is a precious gift, a miracle and a divine blessing. “Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward” (Psalms 127:3).

Heather and I (and two church bodies) loved this child, our son, before he was born, even before he was conceived. So it is with our Father. He loves us, in the womb, and even before we are conceived.

It is that love, that special place we have in the Lord’s gracious heart that should cause us to cherish life. It is that heart for the unborn, for those loved perhaps only by the Lord, that makes Save the Storks a ministry about which we are passionate. They act out of a calling, out of grateful acknowledgement of the miracle of the gift of life, love for children, children as yet unborn, and the mothers who are blessed to carry them.

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