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Moody Pastors' Conference

WaterStone was honored to be part of the 2017 Moody Pastors Conference, May 22-25, 2017.

Over 1,000 pastors gathered as church and ministry leaders offered up a heaping of encouragement through biblical preaching, corporate worship, peer connections, and a relaxing atmosphere on Moody Bible Institute's Chicago Campus.

WaterStones’ Chief Generosity Officer, Will Stevens, conducted a workshop for pastors entitled, “God's Givers: Inspire Giving in Your Church.”

In this session, Will shared an overview of the principles of biblical giving. The lesson began by walking through the story of Noah and his construction of the altar in Genesis 8. Will noted how Noah’s first act in the New Creation after disembarking from the ark was an act of worship and giving. Noah demonstrated his faith by putting first things first. He built the first altar recorded in the Bible, and turned his attention and the attention of his family toward the Lord. Together, they offered up gifts that expressed their gratitude and thanksgiving for their deliverance from the Flood, and their trust in the Lord’s future provision.

Will then surveyed several biblical principles that are expressed through biblical narrative: giving honors God; giving expresses faith; giving transforms; giving reflects a community of faith; giving is an essential part of worship. From the stories of Noah, Cain and Abel, Abraham and Melchizedek, David and Mephibosheth, Ruth and Boaz and others, the Bible reveals God’s timeless principles around giving and the connection between faith and generosity.

Will’s book, God’s Givers: Seven Old Testament Stories of Fearless Giving, is the foundation for a full curriculum WaterStone offers to churches, ministry and Christian leaders to help tell the story of biblical giving. WaterStone’s hope and prayer is that the pastors who enjoyed the workshop at the Moody Pastors Conference can return to their church communities and tell the biblical stories of giving and inspire a new wave of giving today.

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