Most Christian Parents and Grandparents Have No Idea What “Netflix and Chill” Means

I had a great lunch last week with David Eaton, a young social entrepreneur in Colorado. I’ve known him for two years and I love the work he and his team are doing to help parents and their teenagers communicate about faith, media, and technology.

As a father of four I know that this is no easy task!

For example, have you ever heard of the phrase, “Netflix and chill?” To be direct, “Netflix and chill” is an euphemism for casual sex. Watching “Netflix” is the pretense under which a student would text a friend (or stranger) to come over … though they both know they have no intention of actually watching anything. Why does this matter? Even after a year of this phrase trending in popular media many Christian adults have no idea that the saying exists, and worse, they don’t know what it means. It’s hard to parent your kids when you are unaware of the challenges that they are facing.

The good news is that Axis exists to help parents become “bilingual.”

Every week they create an incredible resource called The Culture Translator. It’s a free email which will equip you to start meaningful conversations with your child or grandchild about faith, pop culture, and technology—in under three minutes! It will help you bridge the ever-growing gap between you and your teens. (Sign up now at or text the word “culture” to 44222.)

During our lunch, I also learned that last year Axis teams spoke to the equivalent of 1.5 Madison Square Gardens full of teenagers for six hours at over 100 locations. Simultaneously they created family trainings on gender, abortion, gossip, and evangelism. And it doesn’t end there. In the past two weeks they had 5,000 new parents join the Culture Translator. Talk about traction.

Finally, what I loved about Axis is that although they are funded by generous donors they are doing all they can to produce value in the marketplace. Right now 40% of their revenue is from customers. And they have a plan to increase that another 20% this year. It’s not every day you see this mix of social good and business sense.

The goal at Axis for 2016 is to start 500,000 discipleship conversations a week and decrease their dependency on donors by 20%. To me, that’s a noble cause worth supporting. If you are interested in partnering with Axis let me know. You'll help equip parents to disciple a generation that seems to be slipping away. We can’t afford to lose our kids and grandkids.

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