Bring a message of hope for mothers and their unborn to your town.

The inspirational drama, voiceless, will premiere in theaters across the country carrying a message in support of life on October 7, 2016. Voiceless is an exhortation for all of us in the Church to take a stand for God's truth about life and a call to action to support, serve, and minister to mothers in crisis.

Voiceless is a story of a former soldier who takes on a position as an outreach leader at an old church. He discovers an abortion clinic directly across the street and chooses to get involved despite resistance from the church’s pastor and several members. In doing so, he puts everything on the line, not only his job, but his freedom and marriage as well.

WaterStone is proud to share the pro-life message of voiceless. We hope you'll take a stand for life and help the cause by bringing this movie to your city. A theater chain will guarantee to screen voiceless in your town with a pre-purchase of 250 tickets. We ask that you prayerfully consider gathering together your church and community members, work associates, friends and family to pre-purchase tickets. Promotional posters and tools to distribute are available to download on the website.

Watch the voiceless trailer:

Voiceless co-producer Joe Baker is the CEO of Save the Storks, a pro-life nonprofit, and WaterStone Charity Advised Fund partner. Over the past two years, the Lord has blessed Save the Storks as their ministry grows across the United States. Save the Storks' mission is to serve and minister to mothers and save the unborn with state of the art technology and unsurpassed care. Our team at WaterStone has even had the honor of touring one of their stork buses custom-built by Mercedes!

You can make a difference. Make a commitment to pre-purchase any number of tickets. We'll help mobilize additional support in your town.

For more information on this upcoming feature, visit storksvoiceless.com.

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