WaterStone Giving Academy: What the Attendees are Saying

To entertain a group of committed professionals living out their faith through their work is a powerful reminder of the Spirit’s work in our lives. At the WaterStone Giving Academy, we share technical insights, but somehow softly wrap the charts and numbers in a folio of biblical wisdom, fellowship, and prayer.

Following is a taste of what a few of our attendees are saying about the WaterStone Giving Academy.

• I’m encouraged by the people here at the Giving Academy who are working with a Godly spirit.

• I appreciate the talent and social engineering. God is using these advisors, with the help of WaterStone, to advance His Kingdom and achieve joy in giving for a biblical donor.

• Godly leaders are an inspiration for other people.

• Ministries can rely on WaterStone as a partner for the furthering of their ministry work.

• The Giving Academy needs to continue to keep a blend of ministries and advisor attendees.

• If there’s a way, Mulder can solve it!

• It is a blessing to meet and commune with believers in this community.

• The WaterStone Giving Academy is an excellent reminder to create plans for ourselves. I am thankful for the help this community offers to others.

• A good reminder to define how much is enough – for kids, for Kingdom.

• The purpose of this academy is to connect WaterStone to investment advisors and ministries but also investment advisors and ministries to each other… a true community of giving.

• My usual financial or debt counseling is to Christians. I make a presumption of secular clients but I haven’t planted the philanthropy seed. However, the Holy Spirit can take the seed that we plant – even through our questions, and motivate clients to start thinking about charitable giving.

Mark your calendars for the next WaterStone Giving Academy scheduled on February 9-10, in southern California.

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