WaterStone’s Inaugural Giving Academy

The month of August saw the first WaterStone Giving Academy come and go. In the words of Will Stevens, WaterStone’s Director of Giving Strategies, “What a blessing!”

During this three day event, WaterStone entertained a group of committed professionals consisting of financial and investment advisors, CPAs and attorneys. Advanced giving strategies were shared enabling advisors to fulfill their calling to help others build the Kingdom by providing technical giving solutions to their clients and deepening client relationships while attracting new ones.

Technical insights were shared, but somehow the charts and numbers were softly wrapped in a folio of biblical wisdom, fellowship, and prayer.

Here’s what one attendee had to say about WaterStone’s first Giving Academy:

“What a great time of inspiration, practical ideas and help as we seek to serve the charitable giving needs of our clients. Getting to know, in depth, the leaders of WaterStone was huge for me. Business minded guys with a ‘get it done’ type attitude. It was 3 days well spent! Thank you WaterStone team for all you bring to the table to serve families who want to serve their King!”

WaterStone’s goal for the Giving Academy was to draw the community of giving closer—to WaterStone and to one another. WaterStone as a community of faith is committed to helping build the Kingdom for the glory of God. Every day, WaterStone strives to connect advisors, givers, and ministries with the WaterStone team and with one another. By all appearances, the 2014 WaterStone Giving Academy succeeded in stimulating those connections, both by renewing existing relationships and prompting new ones.

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