We've Launched ACAP

The first national Association of Christian CPAs, Tax and Accounting Professionals is now launched. ACAP exists to help Christians:

  • gain God’s vision for their lives.
  • redirect wealth to further Kingdom causes.
  • encourage wise stewardship.

We hope and pray that together we can add great value to our practices and to our clients through the insights gleaned from this professional organization.

In October, WaterStone hosted a webinar to introduce CPAs, tax and accounting professionals to ACAP's purpose and leadership committee.


  • Biblically-grounded advice and an advocate for Christ-centered tax and accounting professionals
  • Insight into the stewardship of your practice and client relationships
  • Commitment and intentionality in integrating faith into your business
  • Giving Services as the Kingdom work of your practice
  • Formal training and networking opportunities (CE credit available for CPAs)
  • Best business practices and CPA practice management
  • Enhanced value to nonprofit clients
  • Fellowship with Christian CPAs, tax and accounting professionals
  • Sharper conversation with clients around the topic of stewardship
  • Fulfillment of God's purposes through your professional calling


  • Bob Korljan, CPA of Eaton-Cambridge, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Kelley Schubert, CPA of Schubert & Company, McKinney, TX
  • Loni Woodley, CPA of Atlas Business Navigators LLC, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Will Stevens, Vice President of Giving Strategies of WaterStone, Colorado Springs, CO


The next ACAP webinar will be held in January. Sign up for the ACAP newsletter to receive your webinar invitation.

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