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What types of charities partner with WaterStone?

For charities to make a lasting impact, help from WaterStone can be invaluable to streamline “back office” tasks and retain focus on the charity’s core mission. With more than 35 years of experience, we have developed an extensive menu of resources that can aid specific types of nonprofits.

Churches & Nonprofits

With WaterStone’s Charity Advised Funds and Impact Funds, churches and nonprofits can efficiently manage pools of money set aside for a specific purpose. The church or organization directs the disbursement of the funds, while WaterStone handles the legal and administrative aspects.

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Start-up Charities

Some new charities struggle in their early years because of the burden and cost of handling every task associated with receiving, processing and disbursing donations. We simplify the founding of charities by essentially becoming their back office until they can become stable enough to fulfill those tasks in-house.

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Established Ministries

No ministry wants to turn a gift away, but non-traditional gifts can look like an obstacle for organizations that lack the expertise to handle them. At WaterStone we are experts in asset giving, and many charities have simplified the giving process by bringing us in to help with estate endowments, real estate and other non-traditional gifts.

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