WaterStone has customized a menu of options for givers who desire to leave a legacy of giving. We can help you to optimize your personal giving objectives.

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Since 1980, WaterStone has been blessed to see lives changed, hearts turned to the Lord, and the Spirit guide people to lead lives of significance – all through the grace of giving. We hope you will be our partner in the many life-changing stories that we have been blessed to be a part of, and we are here to serve and welcome you on the WaterStone journey together.

Open a Fund

You may open a giving fund with WaterStone using a credit card or e-check contribution, or you may open the fund today and send us your contribution later. If you have any questions, please contact Giving Strategies at 719-447-4620.

What to Donate

WaterStone is dedicated to providing you with expert service as you explore giving utilizing our creative solutions. We can provide guidance on turning non-traditional assets into living water that fuels the work of the Kingdom.