Matthew 5:6 NIV

Why Give With WaterStone?

Just as the early church modeled biblical giving, giving to the Kingdom of God is at its heart, simple. We take from our own supply, give generously and see God direct our resources to His ministries that serve the poor, communicate the gospel of hope and meet a host of other needs to bring glory to God and transform the world.

The act of giving may seem straightforward, but at WaterStone we understand that executing your vision for giving with efficiency and effectiveness requires intentionality. For over 35 years WaterStone has served givers by crafting customized, innovative giving strategies for more than 1,000 families. Giving honors God and transforms individuals, families and communities.

WaterStone is blessed to be witness to the transformational power of giving.

Who Gives with WaterStone?

WaterStone serves individuals and families whose walk of faith inspires them to be generous givers and make an eternal impact with their God-given resources. With over 35 years of experience guiding a diverse array of clients, WaterStone is equipped to map out a personalized giving program that takes into account an individual’s distinct wealth profile timetable, Kingdom goals and tax concerns.

Keeping up with the latest giving strategies and changing tax laws, WaterStone has customized a menu of options for givers ranging from entrepreneurs to employee stock earners to families wanting to leave a legacy of intergenerational giving. WaterStone can help you to optimize your personal giving objectives.


Studies show that you pour yourself into causes that you care about just as passionately as you nurture and grow your business. We can help you give earlier, minimize your tax liability, and maximize your Kingdom impact...more

Tax Sensitive Giver

Hard work and sheer determination have resulted in success and wealth creation — and now, you are faced with a tax bill that, quite frankly, you don’t want to swallow. Why give to the world’s largest public charity when you can direct your to organizations you are passionate about?...more

Generous Advisor

You know your business belongs to the Lord; your life evidences a mature faith and a heart for generosity. Your business is your primary ministry platform. You are not afraid of helping your advisees wrestle with the question, “How much is enough?”...more

Employee Stock Earner

You stepped up to the plate and took the risk in an entrepreneurial venture and now you’ve reaped the rewards that come with equity ownership. In the beginning, the hours were long and the salary was low. Yet the company made it up to you with stock options — though there was a chance they would never be worth a thing. Now, however, they’ve turned out to be worth much more than you imagined...more

Intergenerational Giver

Winston Churchill famously said, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” Your legacy involves modeling a lifestyle of charitable giving that you pass on from one generation to another. Learn how you can redefine your legacy so it reaches inward to impact your own family and outward to see the Kingdom of God expand throughout the world...more

Women Givers

With the growing visibility of women’s giving networks coupled with increased wealth, it is no surprise that studies show that you are more strategic in your giving and more confident that non-profits can solve the world’s problems. Let us help you select the right giving solutions to increase your impact and save you money...more

Millionaire Next Door

You have worked hard and smart, saving your well-earned income to care for your family while supporting charities and ministries that are close to your heart – locally, nationally, and globally...more

What Can I Give?

When Jesus sent out his disciples to share his good news, he reminded them: “Freely you have received; freely give” (Matthew 10:8).

While people of all walks of life can be generous, Christian giving is unique because as a fruit of the Spirit, giving is:

  • The Christian’s genuine response to Jesus’ own self-sacrificing gift
  • Cheerful, growing out of joy, not guilt or compulsion
  • Thoughtful

How do you move beyond the common ways of giving to become a genuine, cheerful, and thoughtful giver? One key is to treat your giving with the same level of attention you devote to your other financial matters. Just as you create a strategy and rely on the advice of trusted professional advisors with your wealth management, so you should treat your giving. WaterStone’s mission is to provide giving solutions and strategies through trusted advice and technical expertise. We partner with you and your advisors to help you become a more effective giver and maximize the impact of your giving. Together, we’ll develop a strategy to transform your assets into a means for blessing those causes about which you are passionate.

The WaterStone ministry team can guide you through the tax benefits associated with non-traditional gifts. Contact us today for more information on turning non-traditional assets like these into living water, water that can fuel the work of the Kingdom:

  • Appreciated securities
  • Grain and agricultural commodities
  • Hard-to-value assets
  • Liquid assets or cash
  • Oil & Gas interests
  • Real estate holdings
  • Other non-traditional gift sources

When To Give?

If you're like most people, you probably make the bulk of your charitable contributions as the calendar year comes to a close. It’s a fact that the largest number of charitable gifts are made in the month of December. With such a short window to make decisions about how much to give, when to give, and to whom to give, it’s no wonder that your giving may not reflect the giving goals you have or would like to have.

WaterStone can help. We can offer you a broader perspective on your giving and share with you how Giving Season can be an opportunity for you to take a fresh look at your giving. Now is the time to transform your giving into an efficient, effective program and do more for the ministries, charities and educational institutions you are passionate about, while minimizing your tax bill and safeguarding your family’s interests at the same time.

Learn how to build a legacy of family, and charitable giving that maximizes Kingdom impact.

Make this possible with our tax-smart, innovative, and flexible giving solutions.