WaterStone has customized a menu of options for givers who desire to leave a legacy of intergenerational giving. We can help you to optimize your personal giving objectives.

What can I give?

WaterStone’s mission is to provide giving solutions and strategies through trusted advice and technical expertise. We partner with you and your advisors to help you become a more effective giver and maximize the impact of your giving. Together, we’ll develop a strategy to transform your assets into a means for blessing those causes about which you are passionate. The WaterStone ministry team can guide you through the tax benefits associated with non-traditional gifts.

  • Appreciated securities
  • Real estate holdings
  • Hard-to-value assets
  • Liquid assets and cash
  • Grain and agricultural commodities
  • Other non-traditional gift sources

Contact Giving Strategies for more information on turning non-traditional assets like these into living water that fuels the work of the Kingdom.